Located in the heart of beautiful British Columbia Procore International is a Canadian based manufacturer of quality high-performance radiators. Procore radiators are designed for the cooling systems found in the mining and road construction industries. Procore manufactures a full line of folded core radiators as well as a growing list of AMOCS radiators to fit into Caterpillarâ„¢ type equipment.

While Procore’s head office and manufacturing are based in Merritt BC, Canada we ship worldwide. We have several warehouses located throughout the USA, and our products are also now available to be purchased directly from Adrad in Australia and New Zealand.

All of our products consist of high-grade materials, precision-fitted components, and quality workmanship. Every radiator we produce goes through a controlled process which includes numerous quality control checks, ensures dimensional tolerances are maintained, and verifies the product passes a leak/pressure test.

At Procore we understand that our radiators are utilized in some of the harshest and most demanding environments in the industry. That is why our radiators are built not only to meet but exceed OEM standards.